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Forcible Entry Amendments

February 1st, 2014|

Feeling secure with our families in our own homes against “unreasonable searches and seizures” is essential to social peace [...]

The Supremacy Clause

February 6th, 2013|

As the federal government continues to grow and expand its powers many states are attempting to push back and define [...]

Utah Sheriffs Respond

January 19th, 2013|

Utah Sheriffs Respond with a big fat -NO WE WONT- to the 23 Executive Actions. UTAH SHERIFF"S RESPONSE TO OBAMA [...]

Constitution Class

October 4th, 2012|

My brother and I have put these seminars on in the past and have received excellent feed back from them.  [...]

Hacked By Shade

March 20th, 2012|

Hacked By ShadeHacked By Shade GreetZ : Prosox & Sxtz Hacked By Shade <3