Last night there was a debate for the county commissioners at the Payson City Hall.  After the debate each of the candidates running for house district 67 were given a few minutes to speak.  I saw many of you there last night and was able to speak with a few of you.  For those who were unable to attend I have included my speech below.  Don’t worry, it is short, I believe in brevity.

I believe it is time we return government back to its proper role.  This last legislative session there were around 1100 new bills that were proposed and around 400 of them were passed. How can you possibly know the entire contents of 400 different bills in the span of 45 days.  We have clearly lost sight of the proper role of government.

If we are passing 400 new bills every year how are we, as citizens, maintaining our liberty?  Nothing ever remains in a static state, and especially not government.  On a true left – right spectrum, left being tyranny, right being anarchy, not republican and democrat, not liberal and conservative, but tyranny and anarchy, we are always moving one direction or the other. The founding generation understood this and the framers of the constitution were able to find that delicate balance, of Liberty, within bounds, with specific enumerated powers delegated by the people to the government.

Since that day, of the ratification of the constitution by the states, we have sadly been moving closer and closer towards tyranny. Every year we pass more and more laws that bind us down, regulate and control our every move.  Do we really know what liberty looks and feels like?  Can we accept the responsibilities that come with liberty, the responsibilities of self governance, to govern ourselves and our families, to accept failure, and cherish it knowing that only through failure and consistent effort can we achieve greatness.

4 Years ago President Obama built his platform on change, but the change we really need starts with ourselves, we can not hope that someone will do it for us.  A people get the government they deserve and it is time we changed ourselves and our mindset and started to influence greatness in those around us.

The proper role of government is not to provide for the needs of the people and to protect them from dangers.  The proper role of government is to secure our God given, unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and Property.  I believe I have the backbone, courage, principles and understanding to do that and hope to earn your support next Saturday at the convention.