You may have often heard friends, neighbors, or associates, complaining about our current representatives and elected officials acting like they “know better”. “We the People” often become discouraged when the men or women we elect to public office endeavor to treat us like children and act as the all knowing parent. With that in mind, and considering the fact that I am running for public office, one of the primary way’s for me to get elected is to run around and seek to convince everyone why I “know better” and what qualifies me as someone that can “take care of the rest of us”. There is no wonder our elected officials often act the way they do.

The truth is, it is impossible for any one person to know everything. There are so many issues that face us, education, access to school trust lands, state sovereignty, balancing a budget, eliminating dependency on the federal government, immigration, natural resources, roads, water, and health care to just name a few. This past year our legislature passed around 400 new bills. How can one possibly understand and know everything about every single one of the bills? I submit that you can’t and we should be wary of anyone that claims they can.

The answer to the problem, I believe, is simple. Elected officials need to take the time to get off their high horse and visit the people they represent. Our legislative district and our state is filled with many brilliant people that are experts at what they do and have insights and perspectives that can add tremendous value when considering specific issues. I believe it is important to seek out and discuss critical issues with experts and stake holders and to gather information from multiple sources. Our liberty depends on the cooperation and involvement of the people as a whole. We should not blindly entrust that responsibility into the hands of a few men and women.

However, at the end of the day it is the elected official who will make the final decision and vote on a particular bill. Issues will come and go, but principles are eternal, and I feel like I have a firm grasp of what the proper role of government is and the principles of liberty it is based on. After having consulted and discussed with the people and various experts on any given bill here are some of the guiding principles I will consider:

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  • Is it Constitutionally sound?
  • Is it the proper role of government?
  • Does it take God given unalienable rights from another?
  • Does it benefit one group over another?
  • Is it filled with unnecessary regulation that slows progress, innovation and growth?
  • Can this issue be fairly mediated without legislation?
  • Will it cost money? (All money comes from the people in the form of taxes and fees)
  • Is it necessary and proper?

I hope to earn your support and pledge to seek your input and the input of experts to secure our rights and liberty for ourselves and our posterity.